Today news has broken that the largest and most popular Polish crypto exchange BitBay has just launched its long-awaited PRO platform. There were announcements made over the previous months, hindered by legal and tax issues so typical of the crypto sphere. The date of this great premiere had to be postponed until today, 20 July 2018!

BitBay is the largest Polish cryptocurrency exchange, established in Katowice, headed from the very start by Sylwester Suszek – crypto enthusiast, advocate and promoter, member of the Polish Bitcoin Association, speaker at numerous crypto and blockchain-related conferences. BitBay’s objective has always been to create a safe and reliable platform for the quick exchange of cryptocurrencies. That has been the driving force behind the expansion of its offer and perfection of the platform.

In 2015, the second version of the platform was released, with improved procedures and solutions that made user experience even more enjoyable. Soon new cryptos such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Lisk could be traded. The team was composed of 31 people.

The year 2016 started with intensive work on version 3.0 of the platform and the team grew to 70 people. Obviously, the offer was extended, and new products introduced, such as Fiat to Fiat Exchange and Bitcoin Payments. Version 3.0 officially started off at the end of September 2017.

The team has never rested on its laurels and today we are happy to see the launch of BitBay’s improved PRO platform, armed with unique features that enable detailed analyses directly from the platform level. Gone are the days when a trader had to jump between different platforms or tools. BitBay’s state-of-the art platform offers various types of charts, several dozen indicators, multiple-window functionality and the drawing mode – all with you in mind.

For the sake of a reminder, with the current version of the platform, you can carry out transactions in 13 cryotocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Game, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, KzCash, Infinity Economics, Ripple, Golem and OmiseGo) in combination with PLN, USD, EUR and BTC.

What is BitBay PRO? How to get it started?

BitBay PRO (aka PRO Mode) is the trading mode of the Exchange that gives you access to a whole array of professional tools that make analysis of cryptocurrencies so much easier and enjoyable. It also features an intuitive layout, deposit and withdrawal functionality from wherever you are in the platform and enables layout adjustments according to your preferences.

To initiate the PRO Mode, you log into as you did before. On the left, there is a menu from which a subsection “PRO Mode” unfolds. Click that option and you will be transferred to BitBay’s trading version.

Please remember that the platform can’t be held liable for any cases of incorrect use of the tools.

What can be found on the PRO Mode menu?


All key platform functionalities can be found through the dashboard: wallet balance, quick access to deposits and withdrawals on the left; detailed information on tradeable markets, subdivided into Fiat and BTC markets, as well as crucial and up-to-date information about the exchange in the upper part on special information tickers.


“Exchange” is the place where you get information on the up-to-date market developments. Its main features include order book, last transactions, charts and market depth, buy and sell buttons and available cryptocurrency markets.


It sums up all funds held in the account calculated based on the rate of the latest transaction conducted on the BitBay markets. You can also check the balance of each wallet separately, broken down into amount, status (available, blocked, pending), up-to-date rate and cryptocurrency value against its official rate. You can access deposit / withdrawal options by clicking on a given wallet.


The “Offer” section displays your offers and transaction history. The PRO mode allows you to view all the transactions completed to fulfil a specific offer.

How to deposit and withdraw funds using BitBay PRO?

Once you have logged into the PRO Mode in the Dashboard section, on the left you will see a menu with the following options: deposit, withdrawal and promote.


By clicking the Deposit button, you will have Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Currencies to choose from. Once you have selected the currency of your choice, you will be transferred to its balance.

To withdraw a cryptocurrency, copy the deposit address that will appeal or use QR code scanner. The deposit amount will be credited to your account balance once the required number of confirmations has been completed.

Fiat deposits can be made via a bank transfer or Poczta Polska (the Polish National Mail). When using the bank transfer option, you must copy the right transfer reference number – otherwise funds will not be credited to your account and you will need to go through complicated procedures to receive a refund.

Fiat currencies can be deposited via a bank transfer or Poczta Polska. When using the bank transfer option, you must copy the right transfer reference number – otherwise funds will not be credited to your account correctly.

Important! You can pay deposits into your account only using the bank account held by you. *Please read the Terms of Use* under this link


Click the “Withdrawal” section and select the right currency. You will be transferred to the section that displays your balance – just fill in the missing blank spaces.

When withdrawing cryptocurrencies, do remember to check the address of the wallet to which you are making your payment and then enter the amount.

You can withdraw EUR and USD via a bank transfer and Polish zloty (PLN) also from a cash point (ATM). Transfers in EUR and USD take up to 2 working days to clear.

Can I use BitBay PRO if I don’t have any trading skills?

Yes, by all means! Access to professional trading tools is an extra functionality that is optional. There are plenty of other useful features offered by BitBay PRO that enable you to adjust the platform layout to your needs and preferences (colours, layout, etc.).

Once you switch off the PRO Mode, you can use BitBay the same as before. Obviously, as trading specialists, we do encourage you to broaden your knowledge and expertise in professional trading, but that isn’t necessary to be able to use BitBay PRO.

How to check the marked related to a given cryptocurrency?

Just click the right cryptocurrency on the left-hand side of the platform menu. Once you have clicked on the chart – order book, last transactions and all other elements will update automatically to your cryptocurrency’s market situation.

How to check your balance?

Just click the “Balances” section in the top right corner. A list of wallets, wallet balances, status (available, blocked, pending), up-to-date rate and the cryptocurrency’s value against its official rate.

Other functionalities available:

  • Advanced chart functionalities (including drawing tools, bar styles, selection of indicators, full-screen mode);
  • Changing BitBay PRO’s layout (by clicking the cogwheel in the top right corner to choose one of four platform layouts).





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