ClearCost understands the importance of modernizing business models to stay ahead of consumer demands. With this in mind, they are announcing some amazing updates to their membership platform!

What is ClearCost?

They are a web-based travel club that allows members to book hotels all around the world at fair prices with no unnecessary fees. Booking through ClearCost allows you to bypass all the mock-ups, mark-ups, marketing costs, and hidden fees associated with travel agencies. Their cost is the “at cost” price + the minimum fee for covering expenses (no more than 4.85%). Over half of the 4.85% minimum fee encompasses the payment needed for utilizing credit cards.

“The project’s goal is to offer transparent pricing without any hidden fees in the hotel reservation process. With ClearCost, even infrequent travellers will have an opportunity to save up to $500 on hotel deals with just $50 worth of tokens,” Pavel Malyshev, Founder of ClearCost.

ClearCost vs Traditional Travel Agency

If you book a room today utilizing a traditional travel agency, you wind up paying up to 30% extra on top of the “at cost” price, covering their overhead costs and built-in profit margins. Compare that to ClearCost’s maximum fee of 4.85%. The service reduces the mark-up significantly while removing the costs of advertising and marketing, since its users are owners of tokens. With ClearCost you save anywhere from 5% to 25% of the price, depending on the hotel and region. A recent success story of theirs showed a significant savings of $3320 on a week of accommodation!

Join the future of travel with ClearCost. They are empowering people every day by helping you travel profitably!

Previously Model

Customers who purchased CCWT tokens have the ability to book however many nights at a hotel, at cost. The more tokens you buy, the more nights you’re able to book. A minimum package of 57 tokens was allowed for a 5-year period, during which you could book approximately 75 nights in total.

New Model

The minimum package of tokens remains the same at 57 CCWT. However, ClearCost has extended the package from a 5-year period to a 6-year period. On top of this, their annual subscription now allows members to book a jaw-dropping 365 nights per year – nearly unlimited!


You are able to pay $45 USD (40 Euro) for their annual membership subscription at ClearCost.Club. However, if you become a member of ClearCost by purchasing their in-house CCWT tokens at, the membership fee is 4-8 times cheaper. The current price of 57 CCWT tokens is less than $50 USD, which means that it is possible to recoup the entire subscription amount after you take your very first trip (if the cost of that trip is high enough).


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