EuruFly is a private jet transportation company operating worldwide and is especially focused on global emerging markets. The company provides a platform to under-utilized private jets and helicopters get noticed by the potential customers, thus enhancing their profitability. For the avid customer, the platform acts as a trustworthy medium to find all the options they wouldn’t have known about otherwise or wouldn’t have trusted and an increased cost efficiency.

Our multi-faceted approach towards the aviation market allows private jet and helicopters charter companies to list their fleet of aircraft on our platform, either through our website or mobile app. This is a great opportunity for these companies as there are no intermediaries involved in the procedure and the customers can approach them with almost 0% hassle.

We have put ourselves in a position where we are responsible for the security of all the data and transactions which take place through our platform. To ensure that security, our dedicated team has developed the technology which takes absolute care of our entire system including the website and the mobile app.

A decentralized platform has been created with the mechanism of blockchain Civic, Ethereum blockchain and smart contract application for aviation operations. Rest assured, your information is in secure hands!

EuruFly has identified a scalable method that brings different emergent technologies together to create a state-of-the-art experience for distributed aviation markets. Alongside our enterprise partners.

EuruFly delivers effective data storage, improved safety and use of a smart contract for the aviation company and the government, an effective communication between the parties and scheduling of flights, reduced airfares, aviation advertisements and the best of all, converting millage points into digital or crypto-currency and assets with the help of Blockchain Technology.

It won’t be wrong to say that EuruFly has created a luxury aviation platform which is easily accessible by the aviation companies and just as much by their potential clients. By utilizing the EuruFly platform, which is accessible both through the app and the website, customers can gain access to a faster self-made decision of choosing the suitable ride for them. You know you are flying A-Class when you get to choose the pilot you want to fly with and the same applies the other ways around as well.

EuruFly is the ecosystem of tomorrow, delivered today, and always on time.


Careca A. Akarue
Tel/Whats App +2348185507100,
Telegram: @eurufly

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