Bitcoin has recently set new record highs and appears to have formed a new, lucrative trading price. It has decided to make many millionaires and left many others in emotional pain over why they did not invest sooner.

Despite all this kind of purely monetary growth, bitcoin remains a long way from becoming “mainstream” in the way it was meant.

Perhaps the analysis of How Mobile Phones Have Revolutionized Online Gaming, which we discussed in an earlier article was correct. According to the study, bitcoin is better than any other investment in terms of the emotion and excitement it arouses.

Nonetheless, as we noted in this assessment, bitcoin does not have the widespread popularity that one might expect. Read on to know further.

This is still true today: it’s a big deal that elicits a high level of emotional reactions as well as dramatic headlines due to casinos in Poland, but that most people aren’t paying enough attention.

That has always been the case, a great many things could actually occur to make bitcoin extra mainstream in terms of real-world application.

A large country could proclaim it a legal currency that can be used by the government. A large technology company could set up a bitcoin transaction network. Or, perhaps most probably of all, bitcoin could purely become the preferred currency for online casinos playing different online games like slots, kości online gra and many more.

Why Bitcoin Needs Casino Gaming Adoption

Because the other situations mentioned above appear less likely at this time, one could argue that cryptocurrency actually requires casino gaming implementation if it is to become much more relevant to more people across the world. There are a few reasons why this could be the case. Here are the following reasons:

A huge audience

The first is that a large number of people play a dice games at online casinos. Literally, billions of them do so all over the world (yes, even in parts where casino games are technically prohibited).

Unless this suddenly can become a usable currency on Amazon or something similar, there are very few industries where bitcoin could gain such rapid exposure.

A Perfect Match

smart bettingThis is more about why casino companies would be interested in adopting bitcoin, but it is a crucial component in the broader discussion. In essence, bitcoin and crypto betting is a natural fit as a payment option on these platforms.

When it comes to the ability to handle real money, people that play games at casino sites are usually looking for two things: anonymity as well as the assurance of security and fair treatment.

Bitcoin cannot guarantee total security because no form of payment can. However, the nature of blockchain technology provides many more layers of security. Platforms that allow bitcoin transactions would therefore be providing a preferred service to customers, many of whom would be satisfied.


Many people are unaware that casino sites provide numerous benefits to their customers. These can differ from one site to its next, but many do a good job of encapsulating most of the popular choices.

Players can earn free slot spins and submissions into jackpot draws at these sites, as well as cash-back bonuses on games. In other words, gamers occasionally receive money back as a reward for their efforts.

Consider the possibility that those cash-back bonuses appear to have come in the form of thin fractions of bitcoin inside the context of our discussion here. Two things would be accomplished as a result of this.

It would allow users to accumulate bitcoin stashes which could be used to play more games on the sites. Meanwhile, it really would spread the word about bitcoin.

Dozens of different casino sites doling out reward bitcoin to potentially millions of customers would be an unprecedented method of indoctrinating the general public into cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

Once again, there really are numerous paths bitcoin could take to become more relevant to the general public.

Or it could never do so and still be valuable as a commodity! However, for the reasons stated here, it is clear that casino adoption could benefit bitcoin in ways that few other prospects could.


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