Automated strategies are systems making transactions on the account mechanically according to a pre-planned algorithm. Such a system allows for an immediate response to investment opportunities. Robots do not think, do not eat, do not sleep, do not complain. They just execute the command. Most of the transactions on the financial market are carried out by robots. Most often they work on behalf of large financial institutions. Who creates them; Specialized mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists.

Their systems will scan thousands of instruments simultaneously, searching for the best conditions to enter into a transaction, ahead of the rest of the market.That is the future direction of financial markets: automated strategies that will have only one goal – to enlarge profits to their clients. Nevertheless, the maximal profit is not the only reason for the increasing popularity of automated trading in a past few years. It is common say- time is money, and in trading, it literally means the money because fractions of a second can decide about loss or gain in stock investments.

The properly programmed robot can run for 24/7, take the decisions much faster than a human being and, what’s more important, in an entirely non-emotional way, which is the best way of making the financial decisions. Moreover, here we meet Exeria – complete solution that meets investor’s expectations. Why is it so special? We asked people who stand behind its success and professional who use it in everyday work. Read more about Exeria!

Tomasz Korecki –  CEO at EFIX Dom Maklerski S.A. (EFIX Brokerage House)

Why did you come up with an idea of algorithmic trading at first?

I wanted investing to become easier and more available to a broad audience. I had a vision of investor, who depend on no more on a computer monitor and taking a decision in a non-emotianal way.

How do you anticipate the future of investing in Poland (or general)  – do you think that due to solutions like Exeria it will become more available and maybe less risky to ordinary people?  

In general, automation in every aspect of life gives people full and easy access to many services, that were unavailable before the era of robots. And that automation in trading allows investors to trade with a smaller amount of money, in financial instruments selected for individual needs in a very understandable way. So yes, investing will definitely be less risky and more accessible.

In which direction do you plan to expand Exeria?  

Exeria with its algorithmic trading is prepared for professional and active traders, at this moment. We will bring that technology into the world of financial services, for medium and long-term investors all over the world.

Bartosz Wójcik – CTO at EFIX Dom Maklerski S.A. (EFIX Brokerage House)

What was the biggest challenge, that you and your team had to overcome during the process of creating Exeria?

I think the biggest challenge was to make Exeria work in the Cloud. The previous version of Exeria was a desktop application that conducted all of its calculations and operations using user’s machine. That was in the conflict with our philosophy to give users more time for their lives instead of attracting them to the display. Although the desktop version worked very well, it was dependant on user’s infrastructure and forced the user to watch and manage his PC. All data was stored on user’s machine so he couldn’t continue his work on another device. As we overcome all the hassles moving it to the Cloud, we can give users more freedom and less distraction. Users are no more dependent on internet connection, computing power, electricity supply and a particular device. Exeria fully implements “continuity” idea. That means you can start working on one device and continue on another.

You have created very sophisticated and advanced tool for the financial market, what do you think, when will be Exeria in 5 (4, 3, 2 🙂 years from now?

Exeria will evolve in two directions simultaneously  I think. One is to make sophisticated things even more complex. Engaging AI, genetic algorithms and machine learning technologies on the engine side. Second is to hide all of this complicated stuff from the end user and make Exeria even more easy to use. The goal is to use all of these technologies to work for the user and on his behalf but still in a second line. Hidden behind the curtain. Exeria, from the user’s point of view, will become more intuitive, context driven and pure. Another path of development is the Social Network. I think it will be made denser, buzzing and disrupting. Exeria will give users more tools to share and interact with other users. It will also learn from the community where to go next.

Krystian Juhacz – Project Manager at EFIX Dom Maklerski S.A. (EFIX Brokerage House)

What are the four features of Exeria that would make investors use it right away?

Exeria is a different type of front-end software with algorithmic trading and an on-line portal with ready-made trading ideas/strategies. Users can choose from single strategies or whole portfolio which use many strategies with selected instruments. With Exeria someone who doesn’t have time for studying markets and knowledge is able to invest effectively, thanks to those ready-made investment plans and automatization. Our software makes investing easier, cheaper, safer and friendlier.

Are the algorithmic strategies suitable for every kind of investor – from a very beginner to an expert?

The answer is yes, of course. The beginner will probably explore our on-line portal and social networking solutions to find some strategy or portfolio and use it on his trading account. A user who has more knowledge and experience can prepare his own strategy. Strategies can be very simple or more sophisticated. In most cases, the possibilities of creating strategies are limited to the creators’ imaginations and ingenuity.

In which way Exeria change your way of investing?

Exeria has definitely changed my way of investing. Many things that I used to do manually can be done automatically in Exeria. It saves a lot of time, and it is always good to have more time for other activities. Another thing is with Exeria you can visualize different data series and compare them with the price of the instrument in right timeline.

Olaf Kowalski – Head of & CFD Department at EFIX Dom Maklerski S.A (EFIX Brokerage House)

Did you explore something extraordinary, something that surprised you and boosted your way of investing when you started to use Exeria for the very first time?

The most amazing thing about it is incredible ease in building strategy: the complete ones which aiming in making transactions on different instruments as well as those that signal exciting market occasions.

Which indicators do you use to build automated strategies the most likely?  

There are many elements that we have to take into consideration in the building strategy process. The point is to describe character and purpose of created strategy because it allows to define assumptions correctly and match the right components in Exeria. In my opinion, there should be elements concerning both fluctuation and trend in each strategy.These indicators and much more we can configure using Exeria.

You use Exeria in your everyday work as an analyst , how do you rate usefulness of that programme as a tool for professionals?

I put upon many indicators that I create by myself. They let me identify attractive market occasions, and they are a perfect match for me because I build them. Exeria’s great advantage is that it is accessible from any device with Web Browser.

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