Seem there is no limitation to the proliferation of blockchain and cryptocurrency in various industries in the global marketplace. This trend is creating new business models: the application of blockchain-based solutions in the aviation as well as other related industries can scale existing infrastructure, improve GDP of nations, give travelers the luxury experience that produces leverage and more importantly, national security.

Careca Akarue, Founder of Blockchain Consulting Ltd, founder/CEO at Eurufly discussed these aspects in the interview with Blockchain Focus, He revealed EuruFly is the end-to-end aviation solution the market needs. Backed by industry-leading research into automated fleets, distributed ledger technology, and emerging markets, as well as the prospects and how it can create an entirely new ecosystem. Live interview with BeFocus

  1. How does your project impact the crypto market?

It is providing financial leverage to the existing global infrastructure by creating sustainable tradable value assets. Basically, EuruFly will also impact the share economy which empowers the crypto marketplace and as well as other related markets. If you were late to the cryptocurrency party here is another an opportunity.

  1.   What is the purpose of Blockchain in your project?

We are creating of an entirely new ecosystem in which aviation markets can transform to a more distributed platform better suited to handle the globalized economy of tomorrow. Using our platform, clients and carriers can connect cheaper, faster, and with much more benefit than what is currently possible using today’s database architectures.

Through our integration with Ethereum, we can create an entirely new market as well, with EuruFly’s FFP being the only aviation reward point capable of being easily auditable, tracked, and traded in financial markets. Using Civic, we create a multi-chain architecture in which our platform can verify identities cheaper, faster, and with more assurety while never sacrificing the speed or global reach our clients demand.

The core of the EuruFly Platform is built using Hyper Ledger Fabric, a smart-contracting blockchain that can ensure agreements between two parties Unlike any other blockchain project on the planet, EuruFly has identified a scalable method that brings different emergent technologies together to create a state-of-the-art experience for distributed aviation markets. Alongside our enterprise partners, EuruFly is the ecosystem of tomorrow, delivered today, and always on time.

3. What role do Venture Capitalists and investors have in your project?

Funding is likening to fuel an airline plane need to fly to her destination. The issue of VC’s cannot be overstated, as we are in funding stages, our gates are opened as we currently in discussion with some VC’s firms and the project has attracted other stakeholders.

4. What are the milestones of your project and how do you plan on achieving them?

By the Q4 our EuruFly Multi Chain platform for Aviation markets both Mobile (Android & iOS and web version will be launched, and we have the best team working together for almost a year to ensure maximize delivering.

5. Explain the risk factors associated with your project?

Multi-Chain Architecture — The EuruFly Platform delivers 4 core digital features: Enhanced Identity Security, Commoditized Frequent Flyer Points, Distributed Logistics, and Transparent Flight Data Records. The combination of these features together delivers a full-stack solution to the aviation market while maintaining total security throughout the supply-chain. There are other factors as the Regulatory bodies, governments are evolving with polices but we have some of the finest minds in Legal and Advisory board team to ensure our system is secured.

6. How does the cryptocurrency token help your project?

The proliferation of Blockchain Technology allows for Frequent Flyer Points (FFP’s) to evolve into a cleaner, more dynamic tokenized ecosystem for both the passengers that use them and the carriers that provide them. For clients, EuruFly is able to provide a proof-of-travel token that unlike any other rewards system in the world, is exchangeable for other digital assets and/or cash. For carriers, EuruFly can greatly reduce the administrative, accounting, and technological burden of managing a highly complex, centralized points system. When coupled with the other core EuruFly features, both passengers and carriers can create an entirely new market in which points are procured, distributed, arbitrated, traded, and leveraged.

7. Do you have a working prototype of your project in place?

Comprehensive details about the project and product development are available on the roadmap.

8. When will your tokens be tradable or available on crypto markets?

Q3-Q4 2018

9. Are you planning on organizing a pre-sale or private sale for exclusive investors?

Yes, and private equity investors should capitalize on EuruFly first move advantage with attraction.

10. What aspects of your ICO make it a desirable one for people to invest in it?

Frequent Flyer Program (FFP’s) are tradable assets and in addition to creating a new asset class similar to stocks and bonds.

11. How can you guarantee a good return on investment (ROI) for your investors?

We are discussing about 892.4-Billion-dollar on which the tourism industry thrives and by 2026 will be $6.1 trillion, our business model provides value in this marketplace. Research shows that young people generate an average of $180Billion yearly, with ever increase use of mobile technologies, our state of the art mobile app is what the younger generation resides in…we have the solution to what smart costumers need from travellers to private or commercial carriers.

12. How can you ensure that the token value increases in the future?

Have you ever seen an empty airport? Numbers don’t lie! review the potential market of the aviation industry. This growth is largely supported by the expansion and broadening of the tourism sector in developing countries, with the UNWTO expecting Appx 23 million more tourists to take to the skies each year between now and 2030. Furthermore, the EuruFly token creates an entirely new economy surrounding a carrier’s flight services as well. This is because the EuruFly token opens the possibility of post-flight capitalization models; where assets agreements can freely flow between hospitality, credit, and terrestrial transport partners. EuruFly Ecosystem is designed to keep creating sustainable value.

13. How are you planning to overcome devaluation of your token?

We have vesting period for all our team members, so immediate drop of the price after ICO completion is not possible

14. Is your ICO compliant with SEC rules and regulations?

No, it is utility token, which does not require SEC approval.

15. How are your investors protected against fraudulent activities?

We shall implement 2-factor authentication and send verification email to customers before performing any transaction on our platform

16. How do you justify the price of the tokens during the ICO?

We have done the comprehensive assessment of the token distribution and market analysis, and based on the demand we have set the price of the token

17. What other ways can the token be used outside your project?

It can used on the exchanges for trading.

18. Upon completion of your ICO, how do plan on utilizing the funds?

Funds are meant for project development and expansion. Details about the fund utilization are available on the roadmap.

19. Have you established any infrastructure for your project?

Infrastructure details are also available on the roadmap

20. Have you planned on organizing any events to promote your ICO?

Please elaborate. Sure, we have Token Generation Events experts in our Team and strategic steps are taking towards that direction, coupled with the global team and community management, but they will be a scheduled event, or I rather say a business presentation to launch the ICO main sale.

21. What is the legal status of your ICO?

This is the country law.asper.

22. Are you planning on launching an Airdrop?

Yes, during the public ICO it will be launched.

23. Who is your biggest competitor and how do you plan on dealing with it?

I don’t think we have a major competitor, we have other firms doing some scaling in aviation safety like Aeron, but what we are bring into the space is so disruptive in a positive way, EuruFly is what smart costumers need.

24. Who are the advisors involved in your project and what are their credentials?

We some of finest minds and experts in the space I will mention a few. Alexander Nwuba one of Africa’s most respected aviation professionals and former Chief Executive of Smile Air, West air and Associated airlines operating across the full spectrum of domestic, regional and international airline operations. He brings to the process, industry-specificknowledge in the full range of commercial, charter and cargo operations.Naviin Kapoor, a blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with 12+ years of experience in project management and business analysis in Ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL & Professional Scrum Master Level 1. Highly rated in ICObench and been part of other ICO’s project which raised over $50m. He had worked on various banking transformation projects — “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.

Alexander Nwuba one of Africa’s most respected aviation professionals and former Chief Executive of Smile Air, West air and Associated airlines operating across the full spectrum of domestic, regional and international airline operations. He brings to the process, industry-specific knowledge in the full range of commercial, charter and cargo operations.

Development teams, Niraj Patel, Founder of Suhrad Infotech which aims to provide an augmented solution using diverse technologies. Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc-IT) — SARDAR PATEL UNIVERSITY, INDIA. Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) — NORTH GUJARAT UNIVERSITY, INDIA. Expert in Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Smart Contract, ICO, Token, Cryptocurrency, Internet of Things (IoT), Web Based Development, Mobile App & Hybrid (Cross Platform), ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, CMS, Data & Budget Analysis , Vendor & Client Management, Network & Communication SME, Cyber Security Management and Critical Infrastructure Management. .

Kayode Salau is an accomplished Entrepreneur, CEO of Jilor Consultancy Limited UK. He provides leadership training services through Jilor Consultancy Limited UK and as an international partner of the John Maxwell Company USA. Kayode has a B.Sc in Business Administration from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and Master’s in Computing Informations System from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Scotland, UK.

Destiny Aigbe Head of Legal & TGEs is a U.S. securities lawyer. his practice includes public and private offerings, broker-dealer and investment banking matters, secondary market transactions, venture and private equity capital investments and mergers and acquisitions, initial coin offerings (ICOs). His clients consist of public and private companies, broker-dealers, investment banking firms and individual entrepreneurs. His firm also represents issuers, underwriters, and placement agents in private and public securities offerings, including reverse mergers, initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, private placements, debt offerings, private investments in public equity (PIPEs), and equity crowdsourcing.

25. Who have you partnered with to help you promote your ICO?

Interesting, we have partnered with Harvey Woods, Suhrad Infotech, Sapster IT Consulting, and Logcon East we are also discussing some very big players I the industry and open to exploring partnership opportunities.

26. Please let us know more about your PR team and how they plan on attracting investors to your ICO.

Our team is doing a great job, with TGEs been planned and also access to a network of a group of investors in the crypto and blockchain space and our social media platforms.

27. Why do you think your team is the best for your ICO? Do they have any public track records, if so please specify?

Yes, you can look up Naviin Kapoor on ICObench and his rating and involvement in other ICO’s, Niraj is expertise in blockchain is amazing, Briana as a business developer and strategist for starts up have a portfolio of over $90M. Kayode Salua with other two decades in business consulting for multinational, member of executive board of John Maxwell Leadership Institute. Destiny Aigbe is currently involved in or has worked on 17 ICOs/TGEs and 2 going public transactions. I have been involved in cryptocurrency capital raises totaling $22 million. The list goes on, but our strength is our unity, work ethics, and diversity of related fields.


Careca A. Akarue
Tel/Whats App +2348185507100,
Telegram: @eurufly

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