On 18 – 19 July 2018, Warsaw hosted a third edition of Cryptocurrency World Expo (CWE) – second one organised in the capital city of Poland and a third one since the project’s inception. After a very successful event held in Berlin, CWE is back in Poland with an even richer programme and more attractive offers presented by over 60 representatives of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Not to mention a wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by expert speakers invited specially to this event.

As both comparic.pl and comparic.com actively participated in CWE and covered it for its readers, we took that opportunity to interview Jakub Mościcki – representing Crypto Security Fund. It is the first such fund in Poland that offers protective measures to cryptocurrency exchanges, mirrored by similar solutions applied as part of banking deposit guarantee plans. He told us about how this ambitious and innovative project originated, as well as on the stability and safety of its structure.

The interview can be watched with English subtitles.

It is also worth mentioning that early in July Jakub Mościcki proudly announced his deep belief that Crypto Security Fund will be of great benefit to the Polish crypto sphere.

 “The market for cryptocurrencies is still very young, and thus has many imperfections and weaknesses. One such disadvantage is the lack of security measures against theft of funds from cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite many warnings that funds should not be kept on exchanges longer than necessary, audacious thefts are not a thing of the past and many people lose all their cryptos. Therefore, we believe that the introduction of a deposit protection plan will significantly reduce the risk of losses, and thus exchanges will become safer for investors and traders, which in turn, will have a significant impact on the popularity of this form of capital investment. In addition, the company fits into a wider plan as a next stage in building a strong Polish-based FinTech group. It is our desire to unite behind the idea of making Poland a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.”




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