For most of us the month of July is usually the time to slow down, switch ourselves to a lower gear and let our thoughts drift away towards sandy beaches and holiday adventures. There are exceptions to this rule – including the team in charge of preparing Cryptocurrency World Expo (CWE) in Warsaw, taking place on 19 July. Preparations are in full swing and, according to the organisers, everything will be completed to the last final detail. Such a large-scale event requires lots of work that needs to be done well in advance.

This is already the second edition of Cryptocurrency World Expo with Warsaw as its venue, and the third since its inception. After an excellent event held in Berlin last time, it is coming back to its origins – Warsaw, delighted to offer the participants an even more diversified programme.

The first edition of CWE that took place in December 2017, attracted over 1,500 crypto enthusiasts, which was quite a feat and proved how keen an interest cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can attract. “It was a big organisational and logistic challenge, so we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dawid Kustra and Łukasz Paszkiewicz – you’ve done excellent work, guys!” – this is what Jarosław Szeląg wrote in his report from that initial event. “The conference was particularly meaningful and special to our Editor-in-chief Marcin Wenus. He was honoured to receive a statue for Blockchain Portal of the Year 2017.”


Editor-in-chief of, Marcin Wenus, receiving award for Blockchain Portal of the Year 2017.

Other enterprises and individuals who were distinguished with awards, included some of Poland’s top players on the Polish crypto and broadly defined financial markets sphere: BitBay, Admiral Markets, XTB and Szczepan Bentyn.

Join this year’s CWE edition!

There is not much time left till this year’s edition of CWE conference kicks off on July 19 in Warsaw. I will be held once again in the Multikino movie theatre, in the biggest cinema hall in Poland, located at Zlote Tarasy – a unique shopping and entertainment centre with shops, restaurants and service providers housed under a captivating glass roof (hence the name – the Golden Terraces)

According to CWE’s organisers, those who participate in the event, will not only catch up on the latest news and valuable information from top experts, but also have a unique chance to get familiar with what representatives of over 60 projects and entities related to the crypto and blockchain sector have on offer.

There is still a limited pool of free tickets available on the first-come, first-served basis. This is the organiser’s and Comparic’s joint treat, but for a limited time only. Click this link to get hold of your free ticket.

Among the speakers invited to the latest edition of CWE, you will find:

Rafał Zaorski – A popular and widely recognised Polish investor, entrepreneur and trader, founder of KryptoJam SA – an innovative company focusing on cryptocurrency arbitrage and providing crypto solutions for businesses.

Clement Thibault – a Senior Stock Analyst at Back in the old days, he was sceptical about cryptocurrencies and the solutions they provide. Now he is a convert with a strong interest in those new markets (though some vestiges of scepticism can still be found in his analyses). A long-term believer in the crypto sphere, he is still convinced that many market participants, like in The Weakest Link quiz show, will go with nothing.

Szczepan Bentyn – CEO at Pracownia Nowych Technologii (Studio for New Technologies) – one of Poland’s largest enterprises that specialises in providing high-end blockchain solutions for the financial and energy sectors. He is a Youtuber, a very popular figure in Poland’s crypto sector and – as he likes to call himself – a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin evangelist, successfully involved in numerous projects such as Śniadane z Bitcoinem (Good Morning, Bitcoin).

Philip Young – a founding team member and the Marketing Director at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, with over 25 years’ expertise in capital markets, including 10 years’ engagement as an analyst at a global hedge fund, as well as an investment committee member of an emerging market private equity firm.

Flashbacks of the 2017 edition

The sooner means the better and socially beneficial

Organisers of CWE strongly encourage participants to go through the registration process a day earlier, i.e. on 18 July, between 6 and 9 PM, and to pick up conference materials. Not to mention the fact that this will create a unique opportunity for informal networking.

19 July – Start of the conference 10:00
Registration from 9:00

Whoever doesn’t fancy queuing up in restaurants and beyond, we strongly encourage you to join the pre-registration process on 18 July from 6 until 9 PM and informal networking.

The whole event is divided into four sections:

  • Cryptocurrency investments and trading
    What is the best and safest way of investing in cryptocurrencies? Which model to follow once you get on the crypto bandwagon?
  • Development
    How to use blockchain technologies in practice?
  • Pre-ICO, ICO
    How to conduct a successful and effective ICO process? How to obtain financing for your project?
  • Law and taxes
    What the future holds for cryptocurrencies in Poland in terms of regulations.

Brief introduction to the event

19 July 2018 – Multikino – Złote Tarasy, Warsaw.
Cryptocurrency World Expo – Poland’s largest and most prominent events devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Among CWE’s 1,400 participants, there will be, as during its previous editions, crème de la crème of the crypto community, ranging from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerage houses, bitcoin exchanges, fintech companies, traders, investors – including ICO investors, cryptocurrency miners, to individuals who have just started or are about to start their crypto and blockchain adventure

There will be simultaneous interpreting provided of all lectures, which means that everybody will be able to listen to the speakers in Polish or English at the same time.


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