Lynx - new Cryptocurrency Interview with Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson

Hello Ben, please tell me a little bit about yourself. How long you are in cryptocurrency business, what are you exactly doing in the industry?

I’ve been buying and selling cryptocurrency for almost 5 years but I have over 25 years of experience as a developer and technical application designer. Some of the industries I’ve worked in include banking; software distribution and licensing; and traditional marketplaces and exchanges.

In addition to developing the new cryptocurrency Lynx (Lynx), I also own a web-hosting company ( and we offer concierge-level customer service. I take pride in the high-quality service we provide and in the long-lasting relationships we build with our customers.

I majored in Philosophy in college because I enjoy studying logic but gravitated toward a career in technology because, to me, programming is applied philosophy. Technology provides people with an opportunity to solve complex problems with code and I have always (and will always) love being a part of that process.

Focusing on the main subject – Lynx. If you need to describe in few sentences the most important characteristics of this project, what would you say?

Lynx is a secure cryptocurrency with fast transaction speeds and low-transaction fees. It’s also eco-friendly & easy-to-use.

In 2017, I upgraded and rebranded an existing coin (MEOW) as Lynx. How? I successfully forked Litecoin and ported the Kittehcoin blockchain history to it. This gives Lynx all the benefits of Litecoin with the full transaction history of Kittehcoin. These upgrades fixed the flaws in the original coin and revived its community of users. It’s cryptocurrency from the past; redesigned for the future.

At Lynx, we believe that for cryptocurrency to be considered a secure, financial solution for today’s global marketplace, it must be created with global sustainability in mind. To that end, our business rules discourage wasting electricity. Instead of encouraging high-volume, for-profit mining, our easy-to-use tools support a low-cost, eco-friendly, broad miner base. Lynx is committed to creating global business solutions and maintaining a small carbon footprint.

Tell us more about the future hard fork. When it will be, what users need to do to obtain Lynx coins? What will be the future of Kitteh and Lynx after the planned fork?

MEOW forks on Dec 24th and becomes Lynx. Starting on Dec 24th, MEOW will no longer be available on Cryptopia, so we recommend you move your MEOW off the exchanges by midnight tonight. The Lynx wallets will be available by January 1st (at and… LYNX will be available on Cryptopia by January 1st. At that time, your old MEOW coins will become LYNX and this phase of our project will be complete.

When you plan to go with Lynx on some exchanges?

We’re pleased to announce the Lynx (LYNX) will be listed on Cryptopia by January 1. (  Once that’s established, we’ll roll onto other exchanges over the next few months. We know the exchanges play a vital role in the crypto universe and we look forward to working with them in the months and years to come.

What will be the max supply?

The max supply is 92 billion.

How you want to increase value of the tokens?

Our primary goal for Lynx is application integration because that helps stabilize the currency’s price. To get ahead today, companies need cryptocurrency integration in their software applications and devices. Seamless integration enhances the customer experience and gives companies a competitive, global advantage. Lynx is a smart choice for application integration because it has low transaction fees and fast confirmation times and that’s critical for today’s fin-tech requirements.

ICO market is currently decreasing, after the initial boom. In your opinion, what are the main reasons?

To be clear, we’re not an ICO and I don’t invest in ICO’s. Too many of them are scams which is why the market for them is decreasing. They’re unreliable. My investment strategy is based on smart, long-term projects that I believe will hold their value, not “pump & dump” scams like most ICOs.

Leaving Kitteh and Lynx behind. Can you list other alt-coins that in your opinion should be the biggest gainers in 2018?

Right now, Litecoin is my favorite alt-coin. Their team is small and nimble like us, and they implement technological improvements quickly and with little drama or fan-fare. I’m also a big fan of IOTA. I’ve done some deep research on that project and their team is really talented. I see a lot of advantages in their technical design and usage of the “Tangle.” It almost seems like a “2nd generation” cryptocurrency at this point, but who knows? Things develop so quickly only time will tell.

Please tell us more about Kittehcoin and why you have chosen such an “interesting” name?

We didn’t choose the name Kittehcoin. The original developers chose the name. We did, however, chose the name Lynx because Kittehcoin has a loyal fan base and we wanted to embrace that community. The Lynx name extends the existing “feline legacy” first established with the name Kittehcoin. It’s also our way of paying homage to the early text-only web browser (Lynx) we used back in college in 1994.

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