A hamster that trades cryptocurrencies has outperformed bitcoin and the S&P 500. The rodent, called Mr. Goxx, uses a device called a “goxx box” to indicate signals to traders who follow him. Since June, it has achieved a return of 24 per cent. (although at some point the return was over 50%), while BTC is only up 16% and the S%P 500 is up 6%.

  • Hamster trades on the cryptocurrency market
  • Hamster has outperformed the rise of BTC and the S&P 500 since June
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Cryptocurrency trading hamster performs better than BTC and S&P 500

A cryptocurrency trading hamster that sends trading signals via Twitch has been on a roll since June, outperforming other traders and the BTC exchange rate with impressive gains of 24% on its initial portfolio.

The rodent, called Mr. Goxx, uses a simple system called a goxx box that allows him to select a cryptocurrency and send a signal to traders.

The system uses a hamster wheel to select the cryptocurrency and two tubes that the rodent crawls through, thus indicating whether the selected cryptocurrency needs to be bought or sold. The whole thing is streamed live on Twich, where the hamster is watched by more than 3,000 people. In addition, all signals and results of each session are also published on Twitter.

Mr. Goxx’s cryptocurrency portfolio includes cryptocurrencies such as tron, xrp, cardano and ethereum, as well as 30 other cryptocurrencies.

The value of his portfolio has increased by $108 to $498 from $390 since June.

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