60 Seconds Binary Options

Many traders of all levels of experience expect fast results and quick profits from the Forex market.

This strategy is not only one of the most the most efficient but also one of the simplest. It is based on using two standard indicators available in every toolbox; ADX and EMA.

ADX EMA Strategy

To apply this strategy we will use one minute chart. The time of operation is just 60 seconds. As mentioned earlier, it uses just two indicators:

ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) This is a standard indicator on the MT4 platform. The default period for this indicator is 14 candles, but in this strategy we will use 5 candles. This period is working because the more investors see signals close to each other, the stronger will be accumulation of their power.

ADX verifies existence of the trend when it is higher than 20. The higher the number, the stronger the trend. It is completed by two extra lines – +DI (bullish trend line) and -D1 (bearish trend line). Thanks to those, we have confirmations of signals concerning opening and closing transactions.

Moving Average – in our case it is 28 periods. If we were to use only this indicator, opening and closing positions would happen after the crossing of the price with the Moving Average.

In case of the 60 second strategy, ADX EMA we decide to buy a CALL option when the green ADX line is above red one. price is above 28-period EMA and last candle is bullish. We buy a  PUT option when red ADX line is above green one, price is lower than EMA and last candle was bearish.


Use the strategy in real trading and start making money

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