Be very careful of where you get your information and even if it’s from a reliable source, make sure to verify it. Even if it comes from me. President Donald Trump constantly talks about fake news, but he himself consistently gives false facts.

Bitcoin is trending at the moment but for the wrong reasons. A number of publications have declared that the world’s favorite cryptocurrency has surpassed it’s all time high. The story was reported by Coindesk, Techcrunch, and even tweeted by one of my favorite Bloomberg news anchors.

I’m not sure where the rumor originated, but the all time high of $1241.09 was made in November 2013. This morning, as I’m writing to you, the highest it’s been is $1216.12. So not quite there yet but hopefully soon.

Today’s Highlights

  • No diff between safe and risk
  • Wall?… What Wall?
  • Brexit Heating Up

Please note: All data, figures & graphs are valid as of February 24th. All trading carries risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose.

Market Overview

Investors around the globe continue to watch in awe and disbelief as the stocks continue to climb ever higher. The Dow Jones has posted its tenth straight record-breaking session, something it has not done since the 80s.

Many analysts feel that this has been overdone but most agree that it could very well continue for a while.

Another thing you might notice is that analysts have all but stopped talking about ‘risk on’ and ‘risk off’ sentiment in the markets.

The reason being, that stocks are generally considered a ‘risk on’ trade, but as they just continue to go up without any regard to what’s happening in the news or in other markets, this indicator is broken.

Furthermore, Gold and Silver, which are generally considered ‘risk off’ assets have been flying as well, with Silver on track for its ninth straight weekly gain, and Gold breaking above $1250 an ounce yesterday.


The new Secretary of State in the US, Mr. Rex Tillerson is currently in Mexico trying to clean up the mess left by Trump’s spat with EPN.

At the moment, it looks like investors are siding with the southern neighbor as the Peso is now at it’s the strongest level against the US Dollar since the election.

Rex put on a stunning show and made some pretty tall promises but the one tall promise that was not brought up was Trump’s wall, which for better or for worse was not raised in the conversation.

Bill for Brexit or Brexit Bill

Updates are coming from the UK very fast and very frequently as they approach May’s deadline for triggering Article 50 next month.

Some local elections yesterday yielded surprising results. We’ll not get into the nitty gritty, but in short, Theresa May gained ground against the opposition, ground that the opposition had seen as safe ground.

Meanwhile, May’s Brexit Bill is still being debated in the House of Lords. Currently, there are two changes that some lords would like to make.

1. Guaranteeing basic rights for EU citizens.
2. Putting the final Brexit deal to a vote before it is finalized.

The first is gaining strength and may become law. The second on the other hand seems a bit dangerous as some have argued that this would encourage lawmakers to put forward a bad deal with the goal of getting it shot down. Both proposals will hurt the UKs position going into the negotiations with the EU. Negotiations are always easier when they come without preconditions.

In the meantime, the Pound Sterling has shown some strength and stability as the outlook of Brexit becomes more clear.

Yesterday we were looking closely at a triangle pattern in the GBPUSD, today that pattern has been broken to the upside.

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