Christmas is coming! The people standing behind trading software Forex Tester 3 didn’t forgot about that. They prepared a gift in form of a discount. Since today we can buy probably the best software for strategy testing much cheaper!

 $100 Discount on Forex Tester 3

December is a time, when many of us think about buying presents for our friends and family, but often also for themselves. If you are a trader, who likes to work on strategies, maybe you will be interested in buying Forex Tester 3 – perfect fit for you.

The software mentioned above lets us test both manual and automatic strategies. I had an opportunity to test this software and I am a big fan of it.

The biggest pros of the program is simple, intuitive interface and the possibility to test/simulate many markets at the same time. Thanks to fitting the speed of simulation, we can quickly check for example different variations of risk management. I am not a big fan of enter conditions optimization, instead I prefer to focus on managing positions.

Current price is $199

After the discount third edition of Forex Tester software costs 199 USD, what gives us 33% discount in comparison to earlier price of $299. Before buying it, you should check whether you will like it anyway. Although demo version offers only one month of historical data and possibility of constant testing for an hour, it lets you see basic features.

100 USD discount is available since December 9th until January 11th 2018. More info you can find directly on the website:

Check ForexTester.com

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