Germans ask: “Where the gold is?”

21-Jan-2014,  GMT 17:00 a.m. Last year Bundesbank started broad repatriation of its gold reserves. They were planning to bring home almost 300 tons of gold held...

Volume in biggest Forex brokers for July 2013

A huge group of the world’s largest Forex brokers already published information about the results achieved by them in July. So I summarized all...
Open prices for Sunday 21/07/2013

Open prices for Sunday 21/07/2013

21/07/2013 21 GMT Prices can change. EUR/USD 1.3138 USD/JPY 100.58 GBP/USD 1.5270 USD/CHF 0.9412 USD/CAD 1.0367 AUD/USD 0.9181 NZD/USD 0.7918

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