Trump’s loss on Friday’s Obamacare vote in US Congress impact USD in negative way. US Dollar index have started this week with noticable bearish gap which is still not closed. Opposite thing happened on EURUSD chart where we can see a obvious bullish gap. The pair touched 1.09 level on Monday but finally fell around 50 pips in a corrective move. At the moment we’re still above key support zone – at which level bulls should activate?

During Monday session EURUSD completed 16 hours of gains which were followed by 22 hours of falls. This inequality and laziness of market momentum shows us, that bulls have still so much to do on EURUSD. The probability of future gains is still very high, so the question is – where to buy?

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Looking for a perfect spot to go long on EURUSD is in this case pretty easy. Weekend bearish gap still isn’t closed, and market participants tend to do so. The gap is located just few pips above February highs which are building a support zone around 1.0828:

Looking on hourly chart we can spot a corrective ABC structure. Fibonacci extension of this structure is located almost exactly in the middle of green support zone. Looking for a buy signal around 1.0810/20 zone might be a profitable idea for the nearest future. 

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