Martin_Luther_King_Jr_St_Paul_Campus_U_MN-300x206In United States today is celebrated holiday of Martin Luther King (also called Jr. Day), which commemorates the death of the leader of the movement fighting for the rights of African Americans. Born in 1929 Nobel Peace Prize laureate was assassinated in April 1968 year.

I have a dream – in the US markets closed

Martin Luther King is known of the famous speech – in 1963 at a rally at the National Mall where we could hear legendary “I have a dream…” talking about the vision of America completely free from racial violence.

King’s birthday was declared a federal holiday in 1983 during the presidency of Ronald Reagan – signed then law came into force, but only in 1996. This day is traditionally a day off from work, government offices, schools and banks do not work. As a curiosity it is worth noting that for a long time, not all states recognize these feast – in 50 US counties it is celebrated since 2000.

Quiet Monday Calendar

Under the terms of the macroeconomic calendar session on January 16 should be quite calm. In the morning, we will only  know the balance of trade in the euro area, while in the evening on the podium will be Mark Carney of the BOE, and a moment later will be published inflation readings for Poland:


GBP/USD opened below 1.20!

Quotations of cable after the weekend opened with 150-pip bearish gap and moves downward below the ceiling of 1.20, which was tested from the top. If during the session remains below the long-term lows on the GBP/USD may be set up a new resistance level.


The rapid declines is response to expected on Tuesday’s speech of Theresa May, who is to present an implementation of Brexit plan for the next several months. UK Prime Minister will speak about leaving the common market, which is reflected very negatively on market .

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