Popular cryptocurrencies have enjoyed unwaning popularity recent weeks, the entire market is worth over $ 300 billion. In daily analyses, we will look at the most popular currencies and you can use the opportunities that happen when trading on the Polish BitBay exchange.


We begin today’s review with the information that the cryptocurrency market is already valued over USD 400 billion, including the capitalization of bitcoin itself (without forks) at USD 250 billion and this is more than the value of JP Morgan!
Another good day for Bitcoin, after yesterday’s increase from 11.5k to 13.5 $ today adds another 5%. The external Fibo level 161.8% has been breached; the range of current rally is already approaching as much as twice the previous impulse from mid-September to November.

BTC Tradingview

Alternate coin holders are today in clearly minor moods, because all tokens from the top 10 are falling. You can enter the cryptocurrency proposals for next entries in the comment.

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