This week’s economic calendar at first glance does not contain too many important events, but a few are certainly worth noting. This morning saw the release of trade (export-import) data from China. One thing to note today is that things are not going well in China. The trade balance data was already rather weak in the previous month, and today’s -14.5% y/y only worsens the situation which seems to again increase the risk of a recession in European trade.

US10Y AND USDJPY - the usually positively correlated instruments
US10Y AND USDJPY – the usually positively correlated instruments are starting to form a divergence which may suggest a strengthening of the yen in the near term

Stocks on major exchanges are moderately but still falling, while at the same time we are seeing a significant drop in bond yields. Yields on US10Y – 10-year Treasury bonds fell nearly 8 basis points to reach 4.00% again.

There is a noticeable divergence between the usually positively correlated charts of the US10Y and USDJPY. This may signal a strengthening of the yen against the US dollar in the near term.

DAX40 on confluence of supports

DAX - the index has reached the confluence of supports
DAX – the index has reached the confluence of supports ( local horizontal and wedge support).

During the live session last Tuesday, I analyzed the DAX and predicted declines that could stop at the confluence of supports. I was supported in this belief both by fundamental data indicating very minor sentiment in German companies and the technical formation of the “evening star” , which usually heralds declines. Today the index has reached the mentioned level, and if the DAX beats it, we can expect further southward movement . The possible range is down to 15000.

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