The GBP/USD quotations are interesting because they are influenced by two main topics that have for a long time dominated the currency markets. We are talking about a trade war, the latest easing of which is not conducive to a strong dollar. The second issue is, of course, Brexit. Here almost everything is ready to leave the community, so the period of uncertainty ends, the worst for the Pound. Currently, we have a significant increase behind us, although against the background of what the British currency has given up since the beginning of the Brexit story, it is still not much. Currently, we have a 1:1 correction behind us and the price is approaching the top of the upward trend.


Why such good moods? It’s all because of the leader of the Brexit Party, who said that in the districts where the Conservative Party won, he won’t put up his candidates. This means a better chance for the Conservative Party to win, and thus a lack of further turbulence in the issue of Brexit. This movement is already visible in the polls giving more and more support to the current Prime Minister. All this is conducive to further GBP/USD increases at least until the election period.

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