KCG, company operating in New Jersey, yesterday published a report summarizing the results of trades and volumes for the month of January 2014. The average daily volumes in KCG Hotpost totaled $34.1 billion, increasing by 6.5 billion comparing to December’s ADV (27.6 billion), which represents a upward jump of over 23% – in comparison to last month.

This allows to estimate, that volumes arising out of FX during the entire month amounted to approx. $749 billions (ADV multiplied by the trading days in a month). In the yearly view, January data turned out to be about 26% better than twelve months ago (YoY).

The company compared their latest results with those reported by other FX entities. In the table below, we can clearly see that the January increase in comparison to December 2013 and January 2013 results is practically at the same level. What’s more, KCG Hotspot is the only party in the statement that achieved year-over-year positive growth.

forexmagnates.com, KCG

As a Market Maker, KCG averaged $28 billion in daily trades, 8.4 billion shares and has conducted more than 4.1 million transactions in the U.S. equities. The company also reported that Global Execution Services (algorithmic trading) through services like Knight Direct and GETAlpha reached 272,4 million daily shares trades in U.S.

In its monthly report, KCG has presented a chart showing hourly FX trading activity in the case of the most popular and liquid currency pairs – the largest increases in their operations can be seen at the moment of European session transitions into the New York opening.

Forexmagnates.com, KCG

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