Today at 2:30 PM there will be US NFP data, which is the most important data this month. Watch out for pairs connected with US dollar!



There will be also data connected with Canadian dollar, so opening positions here could be a little risky. EURCAD after few days of waiting reached key support. On H4 chart we can see Insede Bar. Breaching up or false breach down will be a signal to go long.



Pound to Canadian dollar also fell of to support. It is worth to observe price movement and maybe after data there will be opportunity to open position. If there will be rebound, open long position, breaching down is a signal to go short.



This is a position from yesterday. After getting to support area, there was Inside Bar created. 50% retracement of signal candle was tested and the position was open. Its stop loss is 60 pips and after reaching 150 pips of profit half of it is closed and the rest is secured at BE. Currently it brings a profit of almost 200 pips and TP is set at 430.

If you are interested in Price Action Description, you can read it here.

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