According to recently published press release, the CLS Group has reached an average FX daily volume (ADV) at $5.29 trillion. This represents an increase of 8.6% ($420 billions) comparing to December 2012 figures, in which group reported $4.75 trillion ADV.

It should be also noted, that YoY results were also improved. ADV in January 2013 reached the $5.19 trillion level or approximately $100 billion lower than in the current year. This translates only for 2% increase – but we have to remember that in comparison with other market entities it is a really good result.

The CLS Group is one of the largest risk mitigation services provider. In the monthly report group also provided total ADV for combined aggregation and settlement services – which recorded 1210588 in January. That give us 22.4% increase (or 221914) in comparison to 988674 recorded in December 2013.

The volumes are described here as the number of instructions which CLS receives for future settlement. However, these instructions are not always settled during the month of submission.

Over the weekend you can expect Monthly Trading Review of all major retail and institutional brokers. Stay tuned!

NOTE: We remind, that the CLS Group take into account two sides (in its reports) when it comes to FX market transactions. In order to compare these data with other brokers or semi-annual reports made by the Bank for International Settlements, the gross value should be divided by two.

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