UK currency quotes have seen a renewed wave of depreciation in recent days. After weak economic readings, the topic of Brexit returned. We still have no new solutions to this issue, and there has been a parliamentary suspension, and now Prime Minister Boris Johnson is threatening his own party members with the threat of throwing anyone who dares to vote on Brexit out of it in a different way than the government wants. In addition, he will prevent unscrupulous Members of Parliament from standing as candidates for his party in the forthcoming elections.

GBPAUD 03.09.2019

On the other hand, we have recently seen surprisingly strong figures for PMI from Australia. The figures came as a surprise and amounted to more than 53 points. Interestingly, Chinese data also indicate a return over the barrier of 50 points, and usually data from China also affect the valuation of the Australian dollar. The GBP/AUD weekly chart shows a movement towards the bottom edge of the growth channel. It seems that after the August correction, the canal formation may be threatened, followed by the end of July low, all the more so if the Brexit situation continues to radicalize.

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