Based in Japan – Monex Group – offering a series of financial products, among which we can find TradeStation FX platform, published yesterday its February financial results and volumes statement.

In the report we can read, that the global FX volumes (together with the results of the subsidiaries) fell from $53.4 billion recorded at the beginning of the year by 17.2% to $44.2 billion in February (a reduction of 9.22 billion USD within one month).

In terms of the company’s global operations, the daily average revenue trades (DARTs) decreased by 9% from 397 888 in January to 361 782 in February 2014. This value shows how many transactions made by customers generated a profit of online brokers, who are Monex Group subsidiaries.

Number of active OTC FX accounts during this month stopped at 62 644. There has been a slight decrease – about 256 active accounts less than in January. However, it should be noted that the number of trading days in February is lower compared to January (2 days less), when markets operated for 21 days.

From the other side, when we compare the average value of transaction for each trading day in means of FX OTC activity of the company, we also see declines. In February, the trading volumes in this approach amounted to $1.361 billion – about 17% less than in January. That is almost $282 million MoM decrease.

The TradeStation situation (which was mentioned at the beginning) was quite different. In its case the number of active accounts reached a record level for 12th month in a row! Total client assets and the average equity margin also increased significantly during this period.

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