According to the announcement, today we are starting the “End of the Day” (EoD) strategy tests, which was presented on Comparic today. A detailed description of the strategy can be found under this link.

Due to the fact that today was Monday and some markets opened up with gaps, there were not so many interesting setups.

One of the more interesting is the situation on the AUDUSD, where we can observe that according to the rules of the strategy (EoD) market started the day below the PP level (the pink line dashed called Pivot). For almost whole day we saw consolidation and in the near future we would expect to be able to test the average moving SMA33, which has been falling down for several hours. The emergence of a supply response in that area and rejection of this resistance could be a signal for continuation of the declines which already begun during the Friday session.


Another interesting opportunity we could see on eurodollar (EURUSD). In this case, the first signal appeared before noon when the market tested M2 level. There was supply reaction and since then we have seen declines.

The appearance of an upward correction and a re-test of the M2 level or at least S1 or the average SMA33 could be an opportunity to open PUT option on this instrument.


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On GBPCAD we can see that the market started Monday’s session above PP and SMA33, which indicated an upward trend. After several hours of downward correction, the market reached vicinity of moving average slightly above PP and 38.2% of the Fibonacci correction where a demand response occurred. Re-test of this zone could be an opportunity to join potential gains.


Since GBPUSD started session above the PP level, today we were looking for the opportunity to open CALL option on this instrument. First such opportunity came in the morning when the course reached the PP level, 38.2% of the Fibonacci correction from Friday’s growth and the SMA33 average, where a demand response occurred. Currently the pair is again testing the mowing average and if there is a demand response in the area once again, we might consider opening CALL option on this instrument.


For the next two weeks, each day I will publish analyses of potential or already realized setups, according to the EoD strategy. The main assumption of the cycle, however, is not to indicate specific investment setups but above all to check the effectiveness of a given strategy. After two weeks, on Saturday, September 23rd, I will publish a report summarizing the results and will show whether or not during these two weeks we could earn thanks to the EoD strategy

As announced earlier, on the same day, I will also present another strategy that I will test for another two weeks. In this way I will try to test as many investment strategies for binary options as possible in order to find the best and most effective one.

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