US Stock Market
The pandemic has opened up investing opportunities in the healthcare sector. While buying stock in major companies may be attractive, I feel that investing in healthcare ETF (XLV) may be a better and more conservative option.

US Stock – Health Care August

XLV recently hit a 52 week high but as you can see it has been pulling back (perhaps in part due to the uncertainty caused by the delta variant). I see significant support between 133.70-134.40 nearby and will be watching price action closely to enter a long trade.


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Ravi Madan
After a rocky start in 2010 (blowing up a $10,000 trading account), and experimenting with various indicator based systems, he found his comfort zone and success with price action trading. He does not study chart or candlestick patterns, instead relies on what the chart is telling about direction, strength and the flow in the markets. He advocates that the most vital components to trading success are: a trading plan, following it 100% of the time, keeping a positive R/R ratio,sound risk and money management, patience & discipline. Keeping a journal where every trade is documented is an essential tool for learning and enhancing skills. Finally, never trading without a stop, never moving the stop away from price and not being ina hurry to move it to breakeven either, complete his trade execution style.He also publishes trade ideas on TradingView.