As the daily chart shows, the pair has not made a higher high since 10 May. The larger candles have been mostly bearish although the very last candle in this chart indicates that the bulls are not completely out of this contest.


Let us move on and take a look at PA on the H4 chart. It confirms what we saw on the daily and also points to an intermediate s/r level around the 82.80 region. I am looking to go short when I see an indication on this chart – perhaps the retracement of Friday will continue for a while.

On the other hand, a bullish continuation and close above 84.12 will negate my analysis and I will look for a bullish continuation signal. Keeping an open mind is the right mindset, although I have to admit, it is not always easy.
My initial bearish targets are located in the 81.50 and 80.75 region.


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ongoing analysis

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