Welcome to the night trip 🙂


USD / JPY appears on the pin bar candle, it is the next candle with a long shadow on the top and it seems that the course have a problem with the stroke of resistance at which it is located.

AUD / USD – quite the classical situation the price dropped below support, and now follows his retest. The return movement of the zone (this zone is now resistance). Appears formation bear market, which suggest further declines in the pair, and perhaps even weakening AUD to many other pairs. This is not a super-strong signal because it does not have a downward trend, but rather a side, and bigger interval growth, so do not so much suggest a forecast decline, as at “a side move” signals fail more often than the trends.

EUR / JPY – pin bar for resistance work, price drops, and I think it may fall further. Euro remains weak, and Jen can have the time of their attacks, looking for example on a pair of USD / JPY. The drops of this current pair could be the most powerful. You can see in the chart that there impulses inheritance were usually very strong and at least several days.

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