Thursday 3th of November, may turn out to be a date as important as the breakthrough one in June 24, 2016, when the British decided that they want to leave the structure of the European Union. The British Supreme Court ruled that the referendum carried than out was legal and valid.

The decision of the British public is irrevocable and that the elect of the British parliament and not so far seemed – the British government, will decide on the implementation of Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon which describes the procedures associated with leaving the EU member country.

Tribunal judges do not understand the arguments put forward by the government but leave him the opportunity to appeal. Reuters says that if any is submitted it can be dealt with at the beginning of December. UK Supreme Court set aside 5th – 8th December for hearing on appeal against Article 50

Reaction of pound on reports from the UK is firmly optimistic. The majority of the parliament remains enthusiastic about EU membership – in contrast to the government Theresa May, who has argued that the launch of Article 50 according to the will of the British people is the duty of the government.


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